4 Reasons why you should Consider an Electric Fireplace.

4 Reasons why you should Consider an Electric Fireplace.

The fireplace industry has been changing and innovating at a breakneck speed over the past decade.  We are also asking more and more from our modern fireplaces.  We want to control them with our phones, we want them to provide efficient heating (but only when it’s cold outside), and of course, we want our fireplaces to be designed with beauty and integrity in mind.  

When finding a fireplace that suits your lifestyle, there are many options to consider.  There are wood-burning fireplaces, pellet stoves, and a growing number of modern gas fireplaces available on the market today.  And then there are electric fireplaces.  When you are faced with all these great options you may find yourself asking: Why should I consider and electric fireplace for my home?  

Electric fireplaces are not right for everyone, however; they may be an unexpected and perfect fit for you.  Here’s why:

1. Beauty and Design

Electric fireplaces have come a long way since they first made their debut in the hearth world.  They come in all shapes and sizes and the technology continues to improve by leaps and bounds.

The biggest question when considering an electric fireplace is by far: well if it’s not a “real” fire, how convincing can the flames really look?  It is true that with some electric fireplaces the flames are simply lights projected on a screen or an unconvincing series of illuminated ribbons; however, with Evoflame Technology by Electric Modern, these electric fireplaces create the genuine look and feel of a real fire.


The E60 showing a stunning example of evoflame technology. 


2. Plug and Play

For those who live in apartments, tiny houses, or high rise condos, electric fireplaces are a great option as they can be installed where other hearth products cannot. Installation is a breeze with plug-and-play capabilities, ultimately saving costs on installation and venting.  Electric Modern even offers a line of ‘Suites’ which are a fireplace and a surround all in one stylish package. Simply find a spot with an outlet and voila!


Compton 1000 linear electric fireplace.  All included with heater, fire media and surround.

With Compton suites the surround, fire media, and evoflames are all included.

3. Flexible Heating

Our electric fireplaces do come with a heater that can put out about 5,000 BTUs.  This is enough heat to efficiently warm a large space so you can stay cozy in front of the fire without cranking up the thermostat for the whole house.  Moreover, since this heater runs independent of the flame effect, you can enjoy the ambiance of your electric fireplace during the dog days of summer and not worry about adding any extra heat to your home. 


4. Efficiency

Just like with cars, electric powered fireplaces may be the ‘greenest’ and most efficient option available.  For starters, you are not venting any heat or byproducts out of the home.  In fact, if you get your electricity from a clean and renewable source, such as solar, electric fireplaces can be a smart choice for Net Zero building projects.

As the fireplace industry continues to evolve, the fact of the matter is there are many great options available.  Electric fireplaces aren’t for everybody.  However, if you’re looking for a fireplace solution that is easy and economical to install but you don’t want to compromise on style and efficiency, then an electric fireplace could be exactly what you’ve been searching for all along.  


Small electric fireplace in scandanavian style home

 Maybe the E32 H has a place in your home, you just don't know it yet.



Posted by: Lauren Piandes  

Lauren is the Marketing Assistant at Electric Modern. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Arts with a Minor in Studio Art.  The best part of her job is being immersed by beautiful architecture and design, as well as working with energy efficient products.