E Series

E Series

The E Series is our award-winning range of modern built-in electric fires, powered by the very latest LED lighting technology called Evoflame Ultra HD.

Simplicity is the key.  The E Series can be installed nearly anywhere, from a high-rise condo to a tiny home.  And since it's electric, this zero-emission fireplace is a smart choice for many conscious consumers.  

With a wide range of sizes and styles, the E Series offers the perfect modern electric fireplace for any space.

Evoflame Ultra HD

  • An LED flame animation projected onto a mirrored background.
  • There are lights projected down from the top of the unit to further illuminate the logs.
  • Along the front is a flickering light that is projected across the logs.
  • The bed is made of chrome with vermiculite glued to it. This surface reflects the flickering lights to give the illusion that it is coming from under the logs.
  • Models can connect to your device through Bluetooth.
  • Each unit has a heater with an adjustable thermostat.
  • Models have an anti-reflective glass front.
  • This surface is 70% less reflective and gives the illusion that there is no front glass.