About Electric Modern Fireplaces

For years the technological evolution of fireplaces was stagnant, and for good reason.  Nothing can completely replace the feeling of a wood-burning fireplace.  However in recent years, through innovation and advances in technology, we are coming closer than ever. 
Electric Modern is a technology & design forward company committed to distributing the highest quality electric fireplaces with the most realistic flame effects on the market.
Why choose an electric fireplace?
  • Flexibility - since venting isn't necessary, you can install an electric fireplace without worrying about architectural restrictions or the burden of a major home renovation.  
  • Plug and Play - No running gas lines & no chopping logs, use the electricity already running through your home.
  • Ambiance and Comfort - Get a beautiful flame effect, with or without the heat, so you can enjoy the art of fire year round.  
Whether you have a tiny house, high-rise condo or expansive home, there is an Electric Modern fireplace perfect for your space.  
E Series E32 single sided fireplace with evoflame and built-in heater